Latest In-Game Broadcast by BigToe: buy db scroll 650 cp each

There are currently 35 adventurers online. Flash won the last PvP Tournament. Rush won the last FB/SS Tournament.
Guild War WinnersRound 1: WarninG Round 2: WarninG Round 3: WarninG • Guild Wars are every Saturday.

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Thanks for visiting BruteCO - The Lands Revival. We aim to provide an amazing Conquer Online Private Server experience. We are a 5165 semi-classic server with tons of custom features. Get ready to hunt, upgrade, and dominate!

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And another one!

It's not a huge update, but there's some new changes at least. This soon after the last update... I'd say we're off to a good start in 2020! Exterminator Kills Bug: It's happened various times, amounts would bug out at a certain value and reset. Easy to understand the...

A new chapter!

It's been quite a while, I know. It's time to change that, coming into the new year there will be a lot more focus on BruteCO and reviving things once again. Plenty more updates to come, stay tuned! Be sure to download the full new client...

August Patch Notes

Hey everyone. Clearly I lack updating the website, but I managed to find some time to do so today. I might just do this instead every month as it will be a lot easier than posting every single update individually. Here's all updates that were issued in August 2019. If...

We’re officially released!

That took a nice little while! After weeks of sorting things out I think we're good enough to get started again. I've wiped everything beta related. We're officially live and good to go. I won't say too much, as there's a decent list of what has been adjusted below....
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