A Few Updates

It’s not a huge update, but there’s some new changes at least. This soon after the last update… I’d say we’re off to a good start in 2020

Exterminator Kills Bug:
It’s happened various times, amounts would bug out at a certain value and reset. Easy to understand the issue, the integer type has simply been updated. Hopefully this is fixed. You should be able to save up any amount of kills for poacher quests… however I would always recommend avoiding this anyway in case of any issues. Your previous amount that had bugged out may now be restored. I think this may have solved another issue as well which may improve some overall server performance.

Gamble for + Stones:
In market at the “ItemExchange” NPC you may trade DragonBalls for + Stones. We initially had this but removed it, I’ve added it back but it now costs 3 DragonBalls. It’s probably not worth it, but feel free to waste your DragonBalls from your Epic Strongboxes on something! Who knows, you just might get a +8 Stone!

Guild War:
Second round of guild war is only 1 hour now. Made some notification adjustments when people enter the guild war arena.

Daily Reward:
You may receive EventTime(10Mins) and SocketScrolls from Daily Rewards now. 15% chance of receiving one of these new additions. Be sure to claim yours every day on all of your characters!

It now gives double the experience a PowerEXPBall does at all levels.

There’s no limit on how many players you can level up at a time now map-wide. Create a full team of newbies to level up and reap the rewards! There’s some Virtue Point adjustments below too.

Epic Strongbox:
There’s a new treasure chest with nothing but greatness inside! It’s just like the regular treasure chests you can get from hunting anything. These chests are obtained only from the Raven in TC for 50 CP each, as Epic Keys (explained below) are rare and what you’ll be hunting for. You cannot use /tradekey or /tradechest either.

Potential Rewards:
• DBSCroll (40% Chance)
• 750 CP (22% Chance)
• GigaMetPack (17% Chance)
• 1,000 CP (11% Chance)
• 1,500 CP (6% Chance)
• SocketTome (3% Chance)
• Last 1% chance will branch into:
   • 95% Chance of 5,000 CP
   • 5% Chance of 10,000 CP Garment

These are also the only rewards you can obtain, meaning your worst valued reward is the DBScroll! (worth 500 CP if sold to CPAdmin in market)

Epic Keys:
As of this moment, you can find Epic Keys inside of the regular Treasure Chests you find when hunting! This makes those chests even more useful now. Aside from this you will now receive 2 Epic Keys for every $10 donated.

Notice: Keep in mind rates and items for Epic Key and Epic Strongbox are subject to change at any time. We may make adjustments for balance at any time.

Option to claim Epic Strongbox added for 50 CP, and Class Change for under level 15 was removed. Doubt this was even used that often, but can just remake character if necessary instead.

Commands List:
I’ve added an official page on the website with a list of commands, it can be overwhelming when thrown a massive list when typing /help in-game and even still, every single command isn’t listed there. There’s a page named “Commands” for this now.

Skill Adjustments:
Toxic Fog and Hercules damage has been lowered by 15%. After a few complains and some testing I figured I would make some adjustments. Should still be extremely useful if this is your play style.