Full Screen Released

Here’s some new update notes! I apologize for the downtime this weekend. Hopefully it’s all worth it though. There’s a new client that must be downloaded or you will not be able to connect to the server. Find it here. I’m going to go ahead and run a x2 donation event all week long until Feb, 8th as well. All of your donation rewards will be doubled! Aside from that, enjoy the notes listed below.

Full Screen Released:
Finally! The long awaited most requested.. request. Full screen client is here! The “BruteCO Launcher.exe” has been updated and there’s a new button called “Settings”. Here you can edit your client’s FPS to any amount you desire and set your resolution as well. There may be some minor bugs but for now that will come along with the priveledge of making an original non-supported version full screen enabled. Use as you see fit.

Santa Removed:
He will be missed. I mean, rewards were no longer dropped now so I finally removed the NPC.

Garment Updates:
Drunk and not confident enough to do anything useful at the time, I had added some effects to 3 of the 10,000 CP garments. You can figure out which ones!

Guild Member Limit:
As a member had suggested, the guild member limit has now increased from 50 to 60.

Brute Coins (GW Points):
The whole GW Point system has been adjusted to be more universal, they are now called Brute Coins. You still will obtain them from Guild Wars but all players will now also gain 1 Brute Coin every hour they are online. The original NPC has been removed and near the center of Twin City there is a new NPC named “WildGirl” who sells goods. Some prices have been adjusted as well to attempt to balance. Overall everyone will be getting extra coins now, which will encourage more boss spawning, etc.

PK Events:
I am still planning to rework all events but for now I’ve increased the CP reward a decent bit and also added bonus of 2 Brute Coins for event winners. I’m hoping this will encourage them to be used more for the time being. Aside from this there is a newer event some of you may have noticed by now below.

Prison Treasure Hunt:
Every 12 hours Prison Treasure Hunt will run. It will be announced 15 minutes before it starts and will periodically let you know it’s getting closer to starting. You simply go to jail to enter this event and look around the map for loot on the ground for 5 minutes after it begins.

• Drop Chances:
   • +1 Stones – 50% Chance
   • Treasure Chest – 25% Chance
   • Key – 25% Chance

It’s similar to a Meteor Shower concept. Nobody will drop anything since you’re in jail, but you can of course PvP if you insist. This will slow down your enemies so you can find more loot before them! Keep in mind as well that DivineHare, AdvancedFly and Cyclone are disabled on this map while this event is active to give everyone a fair chance. And considering in 99% of situations an archer would get pooped on if people decided to go ham pvping each other, archers can use XPFly when able.

Finally, nobility has been reset. A lot of the players up there were in-active also, we’ll likely do resets every 3 months or so from here on.

De-Level Issues:
There were a few items that weren’t properly de-leveling. All should be fixed now.

Magic Lamp:
Rates lowered by 40%. Seems to be most popular area for farming which wasn’t intended, rates are now just slightly higher than Fabled Coffers.

Arena Tiger Bug:
It was not spawning correctly via GW Points (now Brute Coins) and giving an error that not enough people were online, this has been fixed.

EXP Potions:
They will stack up to 24 hours now instead of overwriting each other. This includes ExpPotions and MinorExpPotions.

Guild Prizes:
Bonus HP – was 255 for all prizes but from Bronze to Gold it is now 55, 155, 255.
Second Socket – gem has been updated to Rainbow gem.

This might make some people upset and some happy.. but that’s just how it goes! Things were pretty OP with stacked Violet gems. This way everyone in guilds will have even more of an experience boost depending on how many rounds you guys win.

More coming real soon, thanks for your support.