Easter Update & More

Here’s some patch notes for today’s update!

Easter Event:
EasterBuddy is in Twin City until April 16th. Learn more there!

New Map – The Above:
The Raven now offers transport to a new area called “The Above”. This is essentially the Brute Coin designated map. You can worship while AFK here to gain 1 Brute Coin & 15 CP every 30 minutes instead of 1 Brute Coin every hour while in-game. As of this moment The Above offers worshiping as mentioned, WildGirl for Brute Coin purchases has been moved here, and there is another new NPC named Watson who has a magical chest where you can gamble your Brute Coins.

Brute Coin Rates:
The rates have been adjusted from pretty much all sources aside from events and is now roughly half of what it was.

Guild War:
As you’ve probably noticed by now, the Guild War now runs twice a week. Thursdays and Sundays. There’s 3 rounds throughout the day at 8:00, 12:00 and 18:00. Anywhere it previously said 6:00 has been adjusted as well. There was some changes to the rewards also per round. Before it was 20 Brute Coins for everyone. Member of round winners: 10 Brute Coins & 500 CP. Alliance member of round winners: 5 Brute Coins & 250 CP.

Water Magic Shield:
This goes for any water build however it will most benefit melee waters which were kind of screwed over with the class based gear adjustment a while back. Magic Shield on a water will add an additional 15% more defense bonus than other classes.

Archers are welcome back inside! The rates have been slightly lowered for socket gear and +7 and 8 stones. It still is the highest overall rates compared to other maps.

What’s listed below was never posted in patch notes, the following updates have actually been issued for past month or two.

Twin City Swarm:
The boss mobs can drop more Meteors and Dragonballs now with higher chances overall.

Ganoderma and Titan:
Both of these mobs now have a chance to drop up to 3 regular keys, and a 25% chance of dropping a Dragonball as well. I raised each of their HP a little bit, and they still give you the usual EXP potions.

Warrior Adjustments:

Reflect – The base chance to reflect a mob or a player’s hit is 5%. Warriors now have double the chance at 10% when wearing a shield. This only applies if you’re currently a warrior, not in your past life.

Market Upgrading Removed (Class Specific Gear):
This has been completely removed. DBUpgrader is gone, and UpgradeMaster only offers options for hidden weapon attributes now. All gear upgrading (level and quality) must be done at Artisan Wind in Twin City. This is a massive change overall as upgrading gear that’s not your class past level 70 is no longer possible and forces you to wear gear specific to your class. This will definitely change the balance of things overall but don’t be too worried, we will make changes as we progress to better balance things as needed. Right away I was going to make some gear changes, etc. but it’s tough without larger scale simulations to test, so I figure leaving everything as-is and transitioning first is best.

Savage Brute (Golden Tiger):
Golden Tiger has transitioned into Savage Brute. He’s a big bad boss in the same area as before. Rachel in Twin City was moved to the south east a little bit and ElderDon took her spot. He can bring you to fight the Savage Brute directly instead of travelling through the Elite Snakes map to get there. He actually does damage now and offers better rewards. ElderDon will give you the full details if you ask him!