Information About BruteCO

Unique Server Features

Classic socketing system, various hunting methods, randomly executed exp/drop events, custom class specific perks, and even unique calculations for damage, defence, and healing.

Classes & Attributes

No class is really better than another. We've modified each one to have specific bonuses and downfalls. Attributes actually effect other things like damage, speed, and more. There's even some custom skills too!

A Whole Lot More

There's too much to list here. From offline market stalls to pick-axe proficiency effecting your mining results. If you're at least somewhat interested then I encourage you to read more about the server below.

About BruteCO

A Unique Semi-Classic
Conquer Online Server

We are a semi-classic Conquer server with plenty of custom events, quests, skills, items and features. There are tons of quests and events to speed up your journey to the top rather than only grinding.


• NA Hosted
• x2 Experience & Drop Rates (Tons of multipliers and events)
• Level 137 Maximum
• Max Gear 130 (Except Custom 135 Weapons)
• +12 Maximum (System Uses +Stones & +Items)
• 2nd Reborn Maximum
• Latest Class is Ninja (Fog is like Hercules)
• Custom Class Skills
• No Talismans
• No Battle Power/Potency
• No Item Lock
• No Mentors
• No Pay 2 Win


Please know the staff are always active, and continuously working on bettering the server and community overall. This seems to be the downfall of a lot of servers, but this is a mixture of a business and a hobby for me. I want you to have fun, and see this server succeed.

Unique Server Features
Below is a big list of various unique features that the server has. They are added as things progress and change, there’s no specific order but feel free to take a look! You mind find something useful you didn’t know.

  • Perk for 2nd Reborn Warrior:
    Savior – Survive nearly any hit if your HP is above 50%. A normally lethal blow will leave you with 20% of your max HP.

  • Perk for Warriors:
    Running Recovery – Stop jumping and run for a few steps to heal a decent percentage of lost HP.

  • Perk for Trojans:
    Enraged – Being shot with arrows or zapped angers Trojans and makes their attacks massively more powerful. Potential to Shatter Warrior Savior Perk if Enraged enough.

  • Perk for Archers:
    Concentration – Firing arrows from the ground (Not flying) increases damage output significantly.

  • Buffed Skill for 2nd Reborn Archer:
    “Frozen Arrow” ability moved to the Rapid Fire skill for on demand stun. (Stop someone from using Skills and Attacking for a few seconds)

  • Buffed Skill for Fire Taoists:
    M-Def lowering Fire Meteor – Casting Fire Meteor on someone increases the damage they will take from all incoming magic attacks for a short time. Stacks in duration and damage increase.

  • Buffed Skill for Fire Taoists:
    Mana Blasting Bomb – Interrupt that annoying Water Tao from reviving everything in sight with the Bomb Skill.

  • Buffed Skills for Water Taoist:
    All Heals actually recover useful amounts of HP and amount healed goes up depending on Magic Attack, Backsword Proficiency, Spirit just like a regular magic attack would. Stigma, Magic Shield are much more viable.

  • De-Buffed Water Skills for Melee Water:
    Playing as a melee water can be a good balance of support and offence, but you’ll now lose some of the benefits of being a water if you don’t use a Backsword, not to mention you won’t have much Magic Attack to have strong Heals. Revive (Pray) Cooldown time is increased for melee water and the amount of HP recovered is lower than a “Pure Water” with a Backsword and High Magic Attack.

  • Stock Market NPC (Temporarily Removed):
    Buy and Sell High End goods. Every item purchased increases the cost of the next one, and every one sold decreases the price. This NPC effectively keeps prices under control yet still allows for a player driven economy.

  • Guild Hall Maps:
    To promote the split into two separate alliances there are only 2 guild halls which are controlled by the two strongest opposing factions. The guild Hall gives Guild members a place to hang out and comes with a few handy features as well.

     • Guild Warehouse that all members can access to share items.
    • Miniature level 125 training ground.
    • Special Guild Conductresses to specialty places like Lab4 boss, DBDevil , ect. (Win Guild War to unlock GC’s)
    • Remote Team EXP in Guild Hall.

     Players inside the Guild Hall can gain EXP from their team mates regardless of where they are in the world. Subtracts some silvers from guild fund by EXP gained. (currently unlocked for all who have access to a Guild Hall. Later the guild will have to win at least one round of GW to unlock this.)


  • Mining Level:
    Pickaxe proficiency increases mining performance and rates. Pickaxe proficiency gained only from mining, not from attacking.

  • Auto Mining:
    It comes with VIP and makes mining a full inventory of decent things a breeze, dropping all junk ore right onto the ground before it ever hits your inventory. Lots of different things you might expect to find while digging have been added such as: Meteors, + Stones, DragonBalls, Gold Coins, and the usual Normal, Refined and Super Gems.

  • Offline Market Shop:
    For Non-Equipment goods. (Mets, DBs, MoonBoxes, ect.) Log out with these items up for sale and your shop will stay running.

  • Gambler:
    Take your chances by buying unidentified items from an NPC to see what you get.

  • Upgrade Max Durability:
    Upgrade durability of equipment using Kylin Gems. Get to 100 Dura and Dura stops going down.

  • Monster Exterminator Quest:
    You can find the original exterminator questions in TC, PC, AC, DC, BI, MC and Frozen Grotto.

  • Change your Password In-Game:
    No need for website feature, you’re in-game 99% of the time anyway right? You can change your password at the Love Stone. You can also change your Name and Gender but that costs CP.

  • Voting Bonuses:
    Get a free random item and x3 EXP every day just for voting! You can vote in-game also in the center of TC. Votes are necessary as it moves the server up the top list and helps players find our private server!

  • Other Random Features:
    • Right Click to pack into Scrolls/Packs: Meteors, Dragonballs, MeteorTears, +Stones from your inventory.
    • Mega packs for Meteors, Dragonballs, MeteorTears.
    • Arrow Packs.
    • Auto Arrow Reload system.
    • Access all City Warehouses from Market.
    • Transfer Virtue Points between players.
    • LuckyTime 2 hour cap upped to 24 hours.
    • NPC with levels listed for every item so you never wonder if you can equip the next upgrade.
    • Commands you can type in to drop ores quickly, or check how many players are online.
    • A player finder command for VIP’s so you can find your next victim.
    • Player-Voted Event Manager abilities for other normal players. This means player hosted PvP or Non-PvP Events.
    • Guild war system that declares the Guild that has held the Guild War Pole the longest the winner.
    • Bosses that spawn once every 5 days, spread out so a different super boss spawns every day.
    • Roar, Lightning/Volcano/SpeedLightning, ArrowRain, Stigma and Magic Shield buffed.
    • Sell the refined, Uniques, Elites, Supers you don’t need to an NPC in market for fast cash.
    • SkyMaze quest awards Hero Tokens to raise Weapon Prof to 12.
    • Get a rate increase from Garments and Gourds using Violet Gem Sockets. (Violet gems only in Garments and Gourds to keep them from adding actual stats)
    • Use CPs to randomly transform an item into a different type. (EX. Transform a Socketed Bracelet you can’t use and randomly get a Necklace with the same stats.)
    • [VIP] Auto Meteor Spamming. Type in the level you want the Meteor Spammer to stop at. Put an item in the slot on Artisan Wind like usual. Use a Meteor or Meteor Tear. The item will automatically spam as many Meteors or Meteor Tears it takes to reach the level specified (including max level) or until you run out of Meteors.
    • An NPC in the mine where you can choose how long you want him to mine and pay him to mine so you don’t have to.
    • Revamped Calculations for Damages, Defence and Cures.

There’s plenty more changes, and lots more to come.


Class, Attributes & Proficiency Information
At BruteCO there’s no specific build that is better than another.
Every class has it’s bonuses and downfalls. Play whatever you find the most fun!




  • Fire Taoists:
    Decent damage and very little skill required to pvp with, but the slowest to level. Extremely good against targets wearing Warrior armor or Trojan Armor and a must have class for GW for dealing with flying archers. Almost worthless against other Fire Taoists and only good for countering reviving Water Taoists with Bomb to damage the targets Mana. If you have the skill to hit with a FB like skill you can PvP with Mana Pulse for much higher damage output than Tornado and it can still hit flying targets. Dodge counters Archers superbly if your a 2nd RB Double Fire Combo. The final Promotion for Fire Taoist boosts Magic damage by 20% on players and monsters. Stigma also will work for magic damage.

  • Water Taoists:
    Heal and Buff Support with some offensive abilities. Much easier to level without plvling here with Mana Pulse, a custom skill that functions like FastBlade but deals damage based on Magic Attack. Revive is an extremely valuable skill but if you decide to go Melee Water your revive will not be as good as if you had used a Backsword and other Magic Gear. In fact all cure spells also rely on your Magic Attack and can be built up to cure viable (thousands of HP per heal) amounts of HP instead of like 800 in regular CO. Stigma and MagicShield are even better here than Regular CO and can mean the difference between life and death. Revive and buff others, or build to play like a Trojan or Warrior with stigma and basic Cure/Revive when Reborn but loses the ability to Cure and Revive as well as regular Water.

  • Trojans:
    DPS Masters. Trojans were already good and didn’t need much of a change. Dominate nearly every class in damage but can’t touch an archer while flying. Using ScentSword you’ll be able to 1 hit nearly anything if you can land the hit. Use Hercules for easier hits but less damage. Dagger is more viable than before with the Defence De-Buff weapon skill. Other weapons have interesting abilities like lifesteal or stun but Club/Sword/Blade still dominate. Counters anything it can hit with FastBlade/ScentSword. Can’t Kill Archers, somewhat hard to kill Taoists that zap unless your using Hurc.

  • Warriors:
    Survivability Class. Warriors Level fast, but never hit as hard as a Trojan. Warriors got tankier here. Shields and Helms give warriors way more defense here than usual. And Shields used by classes other than warriors gives only a fraction of the benefit. I always felt warrior was supposed to be the tank of the game. To make them feel more like a tank they have a perk that randomly goes off while running and heals a fraction of missing HP. XP Skill Roar which used to be useless now does decent AOE damage in a large area and give Warriors a solid perk. The Reborn skill Reflect makes Warrior a good class to reborn from. Counters flying Archers with Roar or Flying Moon if you have XP Skill at the right time. Can usually tank hits that most classes can’t with Shield. Grab a Glaive or Poleaxe and use the Right Click to use skills for PvP much like a Trojan’s Hercules.

  • Ninjas:
    Jack of All Trades. The ninja doesn’t have the regular “good old” Toxic Fog.. instead it just works like hercules and is a AOE skill. We’ve compensated because that’s the only reason people would typically use them anyway. We tried to emphasize on speed and stealth for the ninja, as ninja’s are typically.. speedy and stealthy, right? There’s a custom skill called “Shadow Cyclone”, it’s a shorter 5 second version of Cyclone that you can cast with stamina. Extremely helpful. There’s also “Shadow Step”, again a stamina skill where you right click anywhere on the screen and poof! a cloud of smoke appears and you teleport to where you clicked. Neat huh? These two skills should make you a master Ninja who can’t be touched! Ninja is a fun class, and not too over-powered or under-powered. The only real downfall is they are squishy, but that’s usual for this class anyway. Ninja will passively take 10-20% more damage from all sources compared to other classes. There’s tons more features and benefits, but you’ll have to play to find out. Also please note that none of the custom skills can be inherited to other classes upon rebirth, they are strictly for Ninja only.

  • Archers:
    Archers are in-arguably the best class for hunting and the worst for PvP. Here archers can choose to get Dragon Gems for All Attack or Fury Gems for Some Attack/Some Attack Speed. If your going to do PvE you’ll want damage for Scatter so Dragon is better. For PvP the ability to shoot arrows insanely fast is if nothing else a great way to pin a player down so someone else can take them out. Rapid Fire stuns if 2nd RB and can be useful. Concentration perk was added to archers: Damage on players is much higher when not flying. Counters players without good Boots. Otherwise Fly and pin players with good boots down and kill stamina to make them easier for others to hit.

There’s some big changes with attribute points. You can freely distribute them yourself starting from Level 1 at 0 Reborns. What you decide to do will make a big difference overall regarding your whole build!


  • Strength: actually increases your attack damage. A viable difference. Also some HP.
  • Agility: actually increases your attack speed, archer Damage, accuracy, and reduces Incoming archer damage as well. Also some HP.
  • Vitality: as usual, still will only increase your HP.
  • Spirit: actually increases your magic attack as well as mana pool. Also effects Heals. Also some HP.

Essentially the same thing with proficiency. Decide what you’re going to level up wisely, because the more focus you put on it the quicker you’ll have it leveled up meaning the quicker you’ll be getting some half decent bonuses.


  • Weapon Proficiency increases attack by quite a bit now.
  • Shield Proficiency increases defense. (like it always should have)
  • Backsword Proficiency increases magic attack and cure amount. Your Backsword also proficiency levels with magic attacks.