In-Game Command List

Player Command List

Below is a list of all player commands. Some here may not be listed when using /help command in-game. As of now there is no specific order for these commands. If you notice any commands missing from this list please let me know!


/dc – Disconnect from the server.
/stuck – Begin timer to be teleported back to Twin City.
/revive – If your Revive Button is missing.
/clear – Clear Inventory.
/events – Show events happening today.
/unlearn (skill name) – Remove skills.
/event (number) – Start x3 event for x amount of minutes.
/event 0 – Check current event minutes.
/vp – Check current VP.
/checkvp (playername) – Check someone elses VP.
/givevp (playername) – Give virtue points to someone else.
/dropore – Drop all ore.
/keeprate1 – /keeprate10 – Keep only rate 1-10 ore.
/moneybag – Turn 500kk Gold into a 500kk moneybag.
/p – See how many players are online.
/pm – See who’s on your map.
/scores – Check GW Scores.
/team (playername) – Invite a player to your team from anywhere.
/findguild – List of all online GuildLeaders and DeputyLeaders.
/coloroff – Turn off color overlay from events till relog.
/str /vit /agi /spi (number of points) – Quick set attribute points.
/gemeffect – Toggle Client Side Super Gem Effects till relog.
/gh1? – Checks owner of 1st GH.
/ally1? – Checks owner of 2nd GH.
/gh2 or /ally2 (Guildname) – assign guild to enter your GH (must be GH owner)
/automine – Automatically drop all Ore. *Limit 1 use per IP*
/tradekey – Trades a key for a chest.
/tradechest – Trades a chest for a key.
/whereis (playername) – Show map and coordinates of a player.
/ghost – Hide from /whereis
/autocompose – Automatically composes picked up plused items into equipped gear.
/myrates – Show Drop Rates based events and your Equipment.
/baserates – Show base drop rates before events or bonuses are applied.


VIP Required:
/autoscroll – Auto scrolls or composes Meteors, DBs, Gems, +Stones when you have enough.
/e – Toggle autoloot Elites.
/s – Toggle autoloot Supers.
/t – Toggle autoloot Treasure Chests.
/g – Toggle autoloot Gems.
/m – Toggle autoloot Meteors.
/junk – Drop most junk items instantly.